Romanian School in Dorohoi

At present, our school has 738 students, divided into 32 classes: 16 primary classes and 16 secondary classes. We have 22 classrooms, a school workshop, a physics laboratory, a biology-chemistry laboratory, an informatics laboratory, a gym and a school library and a medical cabinet. We have won the Green Flag this year and we are an EcoSchool now. We are very proud to say that we are the first school in the area to win this award. One of our priorities is ecology and the implementation an ecological education to our pupils and their families.

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Portuguese School

Our school is quite small, with a population of just 50 kids. There are only about 13 students per class. Nine to ten year-old students would be in the fourth class here in Portugal. Our school is situated in Santar which is a small village with just about 2000 inhabitants.

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Romanian School in Buzau

In our school, Scoala cu clasele I-VIII Nr 12 Buzau, there are two sectors - Primary and Secondary, with ages ranging from 6- 14 years.

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Polish School

Our school is situated in the city of Bielsko-Biała, in the south of Poland, at the foot of Beskidy Mountains. The school is co-educational and has 500 students with ages ranging from seven to twelve; and over 50 teachers. We will proudly celebrate our 85th anniversary in October 2008.

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Estonian School

In our school, which is 165 years old, there are 15 teachers (3 males and a female), 68 pupils (36 males and 32 females) and 15 other members of staff who help us work in clean and nice rooms :D

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Maltese School

St.Albert the Great College is a church school, run by the Dominican Order. It is an all boys school, containing both Primary and Secondary schools. St.Albert's is in the heart of Valletta, Malta's capital city. In all there are about 450 students, and a staff of over 50. St. Albert the Great College caters for boys aged 5-16 years of age.

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